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Hey! I am EmilyA.

I look forward to meeting you at my private London based studio Derma Dotwork

A tattoo to me is the visual expression of your inner self.  My ethos is to realise a client’s vision and then take it to the next level.  

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I am passionate about my own artwork and enjoy the creative process working together with my client on a one to one basis.  To ensure every client receives only the highest quality of my work, all tattoos are pre-booked. This ensures collaborative planning, which enables us to create a unique custom piece that you deserve and will love forever.

I value clear and honest communication between myself and my client both before and after tattoo, our relationship starts the minute I receive your message.

Want to get in contact?  Either fill in your details on my contact page for a free no obligation consultation or drop me an email at emily@dermadotwork.com


A tattoo is not just about the artwork it is about the whole experience, creating the right energy and environment is equally important. I understand that it can be intimidating to walk into a tattoo parlour, I have felt it. At Derma Dotwork, private studio I give you my 100% focus creating an open and relaxed ambience where the magic of creativity happens!

So lets start the process of taking your vision and putting it to skin…

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